Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stop with the snow already!

   I'm staring out my friend's kitchen window watching the never ending snow blow by. How weird is it to hear no traffic at all in DC? It's like sitting on the front porch of Linda and Lou's log cabin in northern Missouri. Very restful but odd!
   The federal government shut down yesterday early afternoon. I'm thinking they'll be lucky to get back to screwing up our lives by Monday. Which, of course, means that I'll not be getting out of here anytime soon.
   Since my next destination is North Carolina and since they are also experiencing this lovely blizzard, my hopes of strolling on a beach on the Outer Banks are fading with the rising snow drifts. Seriously thinking that it might be best to head back to KC and try this trip again next month.
   That, however, would be complicated since I wouldn't have my fabulous house sitter, Laura, available. Laura is a talented young stage manager who is currently working at the Missouri Rep in Kansas City. Sadly, once this show closes, she'll be off to her next adventure. Since traveling with cats has already been tried and rejected for future trips, this means arranging to test my dear, cat loving friends with having to go to my home to care for my favorite felines. Now I can just hear those of you who are not cat people scoffing and mumbling about what I can do with the cats. Ye of little heart!
   So I guess I'll just wait to see what unfolds next week as the snows recede and the roads reopen. Till then, DC friend Sabrina has lots of lovely projects to help us keep busy while waiting for this blizzard to stop.
   A final thought for you: If you've ever expereinced a loss of any magnitude, you know how difficult it can be to deal with it. Loss, grieving and how we handle these events shapes us and makes us the humans we are. Dear Friend Kathi has just started a blog on this very issue. Check it out:

Keep warm. More as the weather swirls...

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  1. I just checked the weather and thought not a blizzard we have snow in the forecast every day until Tuesday when it finally peters out/ If we get all that they are predicting we will 10 - 12 more inches. Yuck. Remember you have K2, Pita and others who will check in on cats and plants. I know not the same as a house sitter - but when you work they only see you a few hours a day. So let think you are working as you are - trying to find them a new home.