Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stop with the snow already!

   I'm staring out my friend's kitchen window watching the never ending snow blow by. How weird is it to hear no traffic at all in DC? It's like sitting on the front porch of Linda and Lou's log cabin in northern Missouri. Very restful but odd!
   The federal government shut down yesterday early afternoon. I'm thinking they'll be lucky to get back to screwing up our lives by Monday. Which, of course, means that I'll not be getting out of here anytime soon.
   Since my next destination is North Carolina and since they are also experiencing this lovely blizzard, my hopes of strolling on a beach on the Outer Banks are fading with the rising snow drifts. Seriously thinking that it might be best to head back to KC and try this trip again next month.
   That, however, would be complicated since I wouldn't have my fabulous house sitter, Laura, available. Laura is a talented young stage manager who is currently working at the Missouri Rep in Kansas City. Sadly, once this show closes, she'll be off to her next adventure. Since traveling with cats has already been tried and rejected for future trips, this means arranging to test my dear, cat loving friends with having to go to my home to care for my favorite felines. Now I can just hear those of you who are not cat people scoffing and mumbling about what I can do with the cats. Ye of little heart!
   So I guess I'll just wait to see what unfolds next week as the snows recede and the roads reopen. Till then, DC friend Sabrina has lots of lovely projects to help us keep busy while waiting for this blizzard to stop.
   A final thought for you: If you've ever expereinced a loss of any magnitude, you know how difficult it can be to deal with it. Loss, grieving and how we handle these events shapes us and makes us the humans we are. Dear Friend Kathi has just started a blog on this very issue. Check it out:

Keep warm. More as the weather swirls...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Out running the snow

With the new storm threatening the DC and points south, I decided it would be best to get into DC prior to evil precipitation. Sadly, that means not getting to see my friend Celeste in Akron but I'm just not the wild thing I was in my youth and driving through ice and snow no longer holds any appeal. Especially if there are mountains involved. So I blasted out of Indy early yesterday and pulled into DC early evening. Take that nasty snow!

I've had three lovely nights on the road so far. First night was spent with Lynn and Karen who set the standard high for welcoming hospitality. Despite a pulpy, soggy log trying to put a damper on the night, the good conversation and fine cuisine blazed beyond the retardant fire. Thank you both for such a welcome and send off for my journey.

From central IL I journeyed to central IN. Yes, the home of the Colts. Caryl and Brady lived up to the standard set by their Illinois counterparts. Hospitality abounded and other than some really shady Cribbage playing (:-LOL) I had a fabulous time. Thank you both for sharing your home and your art with this adventurer. AND YOUR COFFEE!!!

I am now in DC. Because of the winter storms that we're all experiencing, it has proved to be a wise decision to beeline into DC. It started coming down gently here about 2 this afternoon but has increased in density and volume steadily. The forecasts as I drove in last night were from 6 to 10 inches. Now they're saying we could get as much as two feet. FEET!! Have I ever mentioned that I HATE WINTER???? And my true destination for this leg of Seeking Home is North Carolina. Looks like it may be mid-next week before the roads will be open throughout the state so much of what I was hoping to see will be set aside in the interest of safety and warmth. My deepest desire, which is to walk on a beach, is going to be so weirdly subverted. Walking on the beach in boots and parka is not what I was aiming for.

Gotta' love the forecast here: NEAR 100% chance of snow. HELLO! Honestly, that has been the forecast all afternoon here in DC. Straight talk from your nations capitol. But the DC wonderland is offering a beautiful backdrop for chilling out and enjoying the company of a dear friend. And thanks to my Illinois benefactors, I've got lots of good books to fill the extra time after putting together the bookcases that we risked our lives to buy this afternoon.

Life is good. May it be with all of you also.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AT LAST!! The road to Home reopens...

Greetings Blog family,
I know I have been a very unresponsive blogger recently. Chalk it up to the winter blues. Midwest gray just sucks the life out of me so that I disappear into the gray for ever so long. However, one can only wallow for so long. SO, in the spirit of adventure that marked the first phase of my Seeking Home, I am returning to the road this morning, heading east.

There were car issues and weather issues that have kept me locked into Kansas City longer than expected. My wonderful mechanic has now cleared my car for take off and it seems Mother Nature is not letting up so off I go without hope of bright sunshine and warm breezes but at least I'll be driving which is my best therapy. Well, it is, right behind a sunny beach.

Zory is not making the trip with me this time and I'm quite torn on this. As much of a pain as it was to get her and all of her "luggage" in and out of our evening resting places, still, she was a great fun traveling companion. I shall miss her sweet presence. But I found that it wasn't the lugging of her "luggage" that swung the scales against her for this trip. It was the lack of freedom to get out of the car to roam and picture take. I couldn't leave her in the car, and wasn't about to go hiking with her. So she will remain behind and I shall strike off on my lonelier travels.

Another issue with Zory was visiting friends. Some don't mind a cat coming in for the night. Others have cat eating dogs and some, poor souls, have allergies. Visiting friends for the SW leg of my Seeking was not an option. Since she will not be with me for this next leg, I'm stopping to see friends whenever I can.

First up is friend Lynn in Illinois. Now, some of you may remember that I lived in Illinois for a few years while attending grad school.  The state and I have very different philosophies. When I left, I was thrilled to escape and have tried to avoid the whole land mass ever since. Obviously, my friend Lynn has a different opinion of the state and has created the most wonderful home space in the center of the state. I'm looking forward to visiting the surroundings as much as seeing a dear friend.

From there to Indiana and some serious Cribbage playing.

I'll leave things there. Now must get to power packing and road hitting. Looks like I won't be out driving the gray but I'll be driving and that is a wonderful thing.