Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AT LAST!! The road to Home reopens...

Greetings Blog family,
I know I have been a very unresponsive blogger recently. Chalk it up to the winter blues. Midwest gray just sucks the life out of me so that I disappear into the gray for ever so long. However, one can only wallow for so long. SO, in the spirit of adventure that marked the first phase of my Seeking Home, I am returning to the road this morning, heading east.

There were car issues and weather issues that have kept me locked into Kansas City longer than expected. My wonderful mechanic has now cleared my car for take off and it seems Mother Nature is not letting up so off I go without hope of bright sunshine and warm breezes but at least I'll be driving which is my best therapy. Well, it is, right behind a sunny beach.

Zory is not making the trip with me this time and I'm quite torn on this. As much of a pain as it was to get her and all of her "luggage" in and out of our evening resting places, still, she was a great fun traveling companion. I shall miss her sweet presence. But I found that it wasn't the lugging of her "luggage" that swung the scales against her for this trip. It was the lack of freedom to get out of the car to roam and picture take. I couldn't leave her in the car, and wasn't about to go hiking with her. So she will remain behind and I shall strike off on my lonelier travels.

Another issue with Zory was visiting friends. Some don't mind a cat coming in for the night. Others have cat eating dogs and some, poor souls, have allergies. Visiting friends for the SW leg of my Seeking was not an option. Since she will not be with me for this next leg, I'm stopping to see friends whenever I can.

First up is friend Lynn in Illinois. Now, some of you may remember that I lived in Illinois for a few years while attending grad school.  The state and I have very different philosophies. When I left, I was thrilled to escape and have tried to avoid the whole land mass ever since. Obviously, my friend Lynn has a different opinion of the state and has created the most wonderful home space in the center of the state. I'm looking forward to visiting the surroundings as much as seeing a dear friend.

From there to Indiana and some serious Cribbage playing.

I'll leave things there. Now must get to power packing and road hitting. Looks like I won't be out driving the gray but I'll be driving and that is a wonderful thing.

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