Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Set Back

Well, Zory and I have hit a bit of a snag. She's had an ongoing issue with crystals in her bladder that I thought was cleared up but seems to have flared up again. We'll consult with our favorite vet to see what he has to say and then make a decision about whether to stay on schedule or wait till we've gone through another round of antibiotics. Poor little cat! Not only does she have to put up with this condition but also with me shoving pills down her thought. It is not easy being my cat:-(.

But once we get the green light, we'll be off. The car is nearly packed. It's been carefully checked over by my trusted mechanic. And with the cold weather descending on Kansas City, I am ready to hit the road for points south. Considering the weather in New Mexico right now, I'm wondering if we shouldn't head to Florida instead!

Stay tuned. More as we know it tomorrow...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things are coming together

The countdown has begun. Six days till Zory and I back out of the car port and head for the Flint Hills and points southwest. We've survived Thanksgiving which was complete with a turkey breast prepared superbly in traditional fashion by Mary and Julie, 6 pies (Thank you, Linda for the yummy cherry and Kentucky Bourban chocolate pecan, the top vote getter) and a delicious cheesecake made to perfection by Emily, doing her 1st solo using her grandmother's recipe. Then there was the rest of the spread. Enough food to feed an army and I must say our little troup of 6 did an admirable job. Well, OK. Lanie helped A LOT! It was great having brother David in town to join the feasting. He and I decided pizza was the answer for food on Friday!

Now that things are moving away from turkey, I'm back to sorting and planning. Took absolutely everything out of the car and then went off to the clean-it-inside-and-out car wash. My shiny and extremely clean car is now ready for serious packing. But there's the rub. What clothes to take? What I'm seeing on the various websites I've checked is that the weather will be about the same as here. That makes choosing fairly easy but the packing of the bulkier clothing is the issue. Good thing this isn't a formal tour! For those who I'll be visiting along the way, hope Travel Casual is acceptable:-).

I'm starting to work on possible routes so I can get my spiffing GPS programmed. In addition to the really cool GPS, Mike and Dee gave me a nifty compass. Thanks to David, the compass is up and running. I may not know where I'm going but I won't be lost getting there!!