Thursday, February 11, 2010

Such a winter!

  It's EVERYWHERE!! And won't quit! If I could figure out how to download pictures on this blog, I could show you my adventure in DC. Such lovely snow. I didn't think I could top what I'd had to endure in Sioux City while visiting my brother for Christmas. We topped out at 27" over the 4, count them 4 days of the storm. Ended up staying with my sweet, uncomplaining brother for 5 days. I really thought that was enough of winter for me for the rest of my life. But NOoooo. I decided to visit my dear friend, Sabrina, in DC. In half the time, Mother Nature dumped 32" inches in Sabrina's neighborhood. If you're interested in seeing photos of my car masquerading as an igloo, send me your email address:-).

  The roads around DC were a mess but I knew if I didn't get out on Monday that the next storm would keep me there for several more days. As much as I love my friend and loved being with her, staying in one place is not the purpose of this trip.
  So Sabrina and I spent 90 minutes Monday morning digging out our cars and then I hit the road. South. South is lovely. South is warmer. South is still experiencing winter. Seems no matter how far south I drive, I'm still in grayness.
  BUT that's OK because that is what I need to keep me focused on Finding my Home. Today I had a couple of "those" moments. I was driving through one cool little burg and thinking about what an inviting place it was. And before I was 5 blocks through the town I was thinking it was a neat little town where everyone knew everyone AND their secrets. Which means it's a great little town...for a nifty murder mystery. But not so great for Home.
  Then later, driving through a different burg, I was thinking how reassuring it looked. Familiar. It was a true southern town with the kinds of houses you'd expect to see in a lovely southern town. Which is when I thought about how nice it would be to live in this town IF I wanted to know exactly what was expected of me. It was the kind of town where the home you live in dictates your behavior, the expectations of your behavior and there would never be any need to doubt your actions since they have been predetermined since the south became The South. The South is my catch phrase for any predetermined, controlled atmosphere. Sometimes we need to fit in. And then it's OK.
  OK also to not live there. To live an independent existence of Self Discovery rather than to live safely, being "protected" by convention. Being "protected" by someone else's idea of what I need in my life.
  It has been quite a day.
  And I haven't even mentioned the two ferry rides. I would love to have a ferry close by. Great fun to hop on and travel across the water. Would have been a bit more fun if there had been sunshine instead of rain but hey, it still beats snow!
  Had planned to take a break from driving somewhere along the coast but with the rain and fog, just never found the place so kept driving and driving till after 9pm, stopping 30 miles short of Myrtle Beach, SC. That will be tomorrow's adventure.

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  1. Every place has winter. Just depends on what it holds. Sometimes gray skies and rain, sometimes snow, sometimes sunny and cold.
    How far south do have to go to not have cold? I do not know.
    Sounds like you are ruling out a lot of places, this is progress of a sort.
    Sometimes you have to walk in the woods, on the beach, or on the city streets to know that a place is home. Get out of your car and walk some. Hope to see you here soon. Love You