Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ocean Front Living

  I haven't been to Myrtle Beach since I was married to husband #1. I have fond memories of visiting here with my wonderful inlaws. My then mother-in-law had great stories of visiting here when she and her sisters were growing up. Even though it's winter and chilly, still, it's the ocean.
  Because it's the off season I've lucked into a condo on the beach for less than I've paid for most of the motels on my trip. I can watch the sunrise and see the glow on the ocean as the sun sets. Had planned to be here for a day but can't pull myself away. Think I'll stay on till it's time to head home.
  Walked on the beach as the sun rose this morning and plan to go back out for a roam later this afternoon. In between, I have much writing to do and sorting out of thoughts. The sun is shining happily and the waves are encouraging this day of thoughtfulness.
  Spoke to friend Sabrina last night who says you can't move in DC. The second storm, while not dumping as much snow, came with high winds, much drifting and since the roads were not cleared from the previous storm, are now without redemption.
  For now, today, I am living the high life, enjoying the sounds, smells and views of the ocean. I'm soaking it up to save for future gray Kansas City moments. I don't think I could live here year round but absolutely have found my new favorite February vacation spot.
  Keep warm everyone. Hope you have some sunshine in your lives today too.

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  1. Sounds liek a great place to visit. Wish I were there and we were having a martini and playing cribbage now. However I am wondering if staying there until it time to go home, as pleasant as it is, is helping you reach your goal?