Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorting and Packing

I've only got 2 weeks left before I depart on my epic journey to find my Home. I've been gathering items for the car and planning for what I want to take along, what I think I'll need and what optional items may go if there's room. Over the years, I've done a fair number of road trips but none this extensive and intentional. Even as I am sorting items to pack, I'm rethinking and reassessing. There are certain things that are a given for me. My coffee grinder and beans from Green Mountain Coffee. (You can see the link on the right side of the page for this terrific company. Organic and free trade coffees are their specialty. Been buying beans from them for years and have never been disappointed.) My martini shaker and a corkscrew are givens. After these items, we get to the practical and boring. Many friends have expressed concern that I'll be traveling over Christmas. This has brought up some interesting discussions around what the holidays mean to us. For many, family gatherings are the center piece of the holidays. Some look forward to this shining moment all year. Some don't find the prospect all that exciting. I'm curious how the rest of you feel about being "home for the holidays". Do you think I'm nuts for traveling during this "special" time of year? Any random thoughts about it for me to consider? All input is welcome! I've been checking the weather averages for my trip. Although the temps in most places on the route aren't that much better than Kansas City, there is considerably more sunshine where I'm headed and that is a very good thing. And now, back to decisions and sorting...


  1. Ah, Amy .... what a glorious trip!! I especially relate to the coffee and martini fixins' ... :) As for holiday travel, what the hey ... I think there is something neat about being on the road over Christmas, especially. I would miss Thanksgiving dinner, but none of the hassle of gift selection/wrapping/giving at Christmas. But, then, I am a loner and tire of crowds/noise/people readily. I am excited to hear about your visits to Phoenix and Sedona ... and all the places to and from. Have a great time, friend. Love, CB

  2. First things first! Coffee and Martini's good. Perhaps some food. Maybe some clothes. For sure your will need cat food and litter.
    As for traveling at Christmas and beyond - well it is your adventure and you need to what is right for you.
    For myself, home is where I prefer to be for the holidays. I am not a big adventurer. Everything I want is right here.
    Except of course for long quiet talks with my friend over drinks and cribbage.
    Or long walks in the woods or Quiet evenings on the porch watching sunsets.

  3. You are always ahead of the curve! I will pray for you. I definately know that you *will* find what you need. I am going to subscribe to your blog, so I can live through you...both good and difficult in this adventure.
    Perhaps, your readers would benefit from knowing the foundation of circumstances that led to this decision. Or, maybe you plan to do that as you go along.
    What should you take? My suggestion: strong critial thinking skills. Don't be afraid of the critial thinking part. Your blog with help you with that.
    Home for the Holidays? What do you normally do during the holidays? Spend the key times alone and get through it? So, how would traveling alone be different?
    One more thing: take a phone, and call a friend whenever you need "home". You got my number? :-)

  4. oh!...btw...Sunshine is Dayna. :-)

  5. Are the cats going with or staying with Laura.