Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zory joins the fun

Wow. Time is flying! I've been a bit rattled these past few days as the enormity of what I'm undertaking is sinking in. But also feeling energized and ready to get this show on the road. I've begun making my lists of things I THINK I need. Next comes the reality of what will actually fit into the car.

I've also decided to journey with my little Zory. She's a sweet 2ish black Manx who came to me earlier this year. She'd been abandoned by a creep who shouldn't be allowed to have pets. She was rescued just in the nick of time by a wonderful woman who got Zory to a vet. After the vet saved her life, Zory went to recoup with the woman's parents. They nursed her lovingly back to health but since they already have a full menagerie of dogs and cats, they began searching for a home for this sweet creature. Huge thanks to Lynn and Bill for their loving touch and that of their heroic daughter.

Because of her traumatic experiences, Zory is still pretty skittish around other cats. She's intimidated by my other cat, a 15 year old nearly blind and deaf declawed tuxedo kitty. I've thought a lot about the impact of my being gone for a month on both of them. Macy will probably not notice. As long as there is food and water available, she'll be fine in between her naps. Zory however, is still young and full of energy. She and I have really come to trust each other. I am so lucky that I have a great friend, Laura, who is in town working at the Missouri Rep on their Christmas show. She will be staying at my place and able to care for Macy. But she'll be working long hours and I was concerned that all that extra energy of Zory's might find it's way into less than desirable activities. So I was explaining about the trip to Zory and asked her if she wanted to come along. I swear to you she said YES! Absolutely. Don't even think about leaving without me!

Having her along is what is causing the rethinking of the packing of the car. The golf clubs will most likely not make this trip. They'll give up their place to provide privacy for the kitty loo and other important kitty items.

And now back to everyday reality. I'm off in search of a mince pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Which reminds me that it is Thanksgiving week and I have so much to be thankful for and so many people in my life who are making this trip possible. Thank you Laura, for being willing to stay in my apartment and care for sweet Macy. Thank you Dee and Mike for the FABULOUS GPS! Wow. So cool. I love it when it says: Make a U turn NOW!! :-) And thanks to you two also for the much needed compass!

A thousand thanks to all of you who are following this journey and for your thoughts and comments and encouragement.

Thanks to Linda for the luscious Thanksgiving pies. (Wish I'd thought about the mince when I "ordered" the Kentucky bourbon chocolate and the cherry pies!)

Thanks to Kathi and Susie for your support and belief in me and for helping with getting the GPS up and running.

I know there are more thanks to give and I shall continue to do so daily. And now, off in search of that mince pie!

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  1. Hope the pies make your thanksgiving pleasurible. Wish you were here and David and Mary, et al.