Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Journey Begins

Very soon I shall be driving away from Kansas City to begin my journey to find my Home. I've never had a place that claimed me as a true resident. I've created happy spaces wherever I've lived but now I'm searching for that happy space where I can settle and remain for the rest of my life.
I want sunshine. I want like minded individuals and good restaurants nearby . A strong arts community is a must. I want a community that values life and our beautiful earth. I'd really prefer no winter, certainly not temps below freezing for any length of time. And no ice! I've had my fill of ice storms in KC.
I have spent the past two years searching for this magical location but seeing a web shot of a place and reading a pr description does not give one the true sense of the place. I decided the only way to feel the soul of a location is to visit for more than a few days. Hence, the need for a lengthy road trip.
I leave early December. First area of exploration is the southwest. The only locations I've got as absolutes are Santa Fe and Sedona.
I would love to have you journey with me. Do you know of unique places I should explore? Restaurants that are worthy of a stop? Hikes I must take or best locations for photographs? I should add at this point that I'm a 60 year old single woman so I need to factor in safety in this journey.
I have no set plan nor specific dates for this journey. My only set goal is to find that one shining spot that will call out to me and say: You're Home. Welcome.


  1. Ah, Amy .... what a glorious adventure!! Keep us posted ... and, your first two places sound yummy . ... Best, Celeste

  2. I'm not sure you'd call it home, but Taos New Mexico is a pretty neat place, it's a place my parents have considered retiring to. :)

  3. It is Sunday night our usual time to talk.I will be calling you shortly. Hope you will be up for it. What a great adventure - hope you find the home your heart is seeking - if not - you always have one here. Love you eLLe.