Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time Warp

Hey! Where did the week go? I've lost days in the heart of New Mexico. It is BEaUtiful here. Everywhere. Zory and I have driven through some of the most compelling sites. Even though I live on the Plains where there are plenty of wide open spaces, there is nothing to compare to mesas and mountains and clear high altitude air to help one realize the insignificance of Self and the awesome power of Mother Nature.

So here we are in gorgeous New Mexico. Santa Fe to be precise. We've treated ourselves to a cool B & B just off the Plaza. Besides the cozy Santa Fe decor, we have a fireplace. Zory is snoozing contentedly as I watch my fav Sunday morning shows and sip coffee. Yes, my Green Mountain. Having the Holiday Blend today. Wish you were all here to share.

Having lunch with high school friend Susie and then a bit of a walk-about of the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Even though some more snow is in the offing, it's fairly balmy at 40 degrees right now. Probably heading out tomorrow for Sedona but will wait to see what Mother Nature dumps on the region today.
For the past week Zory and I have simply been traveling. We've driven through timeless beauty and pondered our lives. Much pondering. Little resolution other than to acknowledge that no matter how beautiful the area, I am still pulled to ocean and warm breezes. However, Santa Fe, with its rich history, arts and sense of community has moved right up there with Anna Maria Island as possible future home of Zory and Macy.
I realized that although there is definitely winter here, I am not feeling the arthritic aches of the humid cold of KC. The altitude and dryness take some getting used to but think it may be worth the effort.
None-the-less, I've still got more traveling in me. Sedona is next up and then, who knows? I need to get my feet on some sand soon.

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